Plant Systems Biology @ The Coruzzi Lab

From predictive network modeling to trait evolution





“EvoNet: A Phylogenomic and Systems Biology Approach to Identify Genes Underlying Plant Survival in Marginal, Low-N Soils”

DOE Grant DE-SC0014377
PI: Gloria Coruzzi
Co-PIs: R. Gutierrez (PUC), R. DeSalle (AMNH), D. Stevenson (NYBG), W.R. McCombie (CSHL), J.M. Ane &                                     H. Kaeppler (UW)


“Nutri-Net: A network-inspired approach to improving nutrient use efficiency in crop plants “

NSF IOS-1339362
PI: Gloria Coruzzi
Co-PIs: D. Shasha (NYU Courant), S.Moose (UICU), S. Ruffel (INRA), G. Kroul (INRA)


“Prospecting for Resources: A systems integration of local and systemic nutrient signaling “

NSF MCB-1412232
PI: Gloria Coruzzi
Co-PIs: D. Shasha (NYU Courant)


“Asparagine Synthetase Regulatory Network and Plant Nitrogen Metabolism”

DOE Grant DE-FG02-92ER20071
PI Gloria Coruzzi





“A Systems Approach to the NPK Nutriome and Its Effect on Biomass”

NSF Grant MCB-1158273
PI: Gloria Coruzzi
Co-PIs: D. Shasha (NYU Courant), Alessia Para Gallio (NYU)


“A Systems Approach to Regulatory Networks Controlling N assimilation”

NIH NIGMS Grant GM032877
PI: Gloria Coruzzi


“Genomics of Comparative Seed Evolution”

NSF Grant IOS-0922738
PI: Gloria Coruzzi
Co-PIs: D. Stevenson (NYBG), R. McCombie (CSHL), R. DeSalle (AMNH)


“N2010: Nitrogen Networks in Plants”

NSF Arabidopsis 2010 Genome Grant MCB-0929338
PI: Gloria Coruzzi
Co-PIs: D. Shasha (NYU Courant), N.Crawford (UCSD)


“Conceptual Data Integration for the VirtualPlant”

NSF Database Activities Grant DBI0445666
PI: Gloria Coruzzi
CoPIs: R. Gutierrez (P. Universidad Catolica de Chile), D. Shasha (NYU Courant), 6/2005-11/2010.




“Uncovering the molecular basis for dynamic regulatory networks in plants”

NIH NIGMS Fellowship 1F32GM116347
Awarded to: Matthew Brooks, 1/2016 – 1/2018.


“Marie Curie Fellowship”

CNRS PIOF-GA-2008-225107
Awarded to: Eleonore Bouguyon, 9/2015 – 8/2018.


“Nutrient Signaling in plants; “Hit and Run” model as a master regulatory mechanism”

EMBO Long-term Fellowship ALTF 1449-2015
Awarded to: Sophie Leran, 1/2016 – 1/2018.


“Arabidopsis N-regulatory Network Dynamic: Integrating Metablome & Transcriptome”

NIH NIGMS Fellowship 5F32GM095273
Awarded to: Amy Marshall-Colon, 8/2010 – 7/2013.


“Marie Curie Fellowship”

CNRS PIOF-GA-2008-225107
Awarded to: Gabriel Krouk, 8/2008 – 2/2011.


“Nitrogen-regulatory gene networks: Integrating metabolic control of development”

EMBO Long-term Fellowship ALTF 107-2005
Awarded to: Miriam Gifford, 6/2005 – 1/2007.